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If it’s something a visitor might like to do, please submit it to our calendar.

What type of events do we want to know about? Fine arts events like concerts and plays, sporting events like hockey games or volleyball matches, shopping events like vendor fairs or craft shows, events for kids, and events for families. Any event that’s open to the general public, with or without admission, we want to know about it!

Since our calendar is primarily for visitors, there may be a few reasons your event might not show up on our calendar. The biggest would be that it’s an event designed for resident of Aberdeen, rather than visitors. This could include a group that has a multi-week commitment, a members-only meeting or an activity that requires advanced registration.

Events are approved on a case-by-case basis by the Aberdeen Area Convention and Visitors Bureau staff.

We encourage you to please submit your information to our social media page; Aberdeen Area Events. There are more than 6,000 members and we will gladly promote your event there. We also encourage you to keep submitting future events to our online calendar.

Your event might end up in our weekly videos or in our twice-monthly email newsletter. Events that appeal to people traveling from outside the community will be given preferential treatment as that’s our primary mission. If you would like to connect your event to social media, events can also be submitted to the Aberdeen Area Events Facebook Page.

Weekly recurring events will expire at the end of the calendar year, so make sure to update them with the new year!

Thanks for helping keep the Aberdeen event calendar up-to-date!

Aberdeen Area Convention & Visitors Bureau