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Plan A Reunion in Aberdeen, South Dakota

Whether you’re trying to reconnect with old classmates, teammates, or family, we can help plan the perfect party. With attractions and activities that delight the youngest to the oldest visitors, Aberdeen is the best place to get back together.

plan a reunion
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Want to get the gang back together, but don’t know where to start?

The Aberdeen Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is here to help!

We provide reunion planning services in Aberdeen, South Dakota, that include helping you find a venue, suggesting activities for your group, and securing hotel room blocks at a number of hotels in town.

Whether your reunion is just classmates or the whole family, you’re sure to have the best time in Aberdeen.

From great-aunt Gertrude to little baby Jaxsyn, everyone will have a great time at a family reunion in Aberdeen.

From picnic shelters to hotel ballrooms, we can help find the perfect location to keep the whole family happy!

There are a lot of great activities to stay busy. Kids can get behind the wheel at Thunder Road; moms and dads can cart little ones on a surrey bike; grandmas and grandpas can watch the action from the shade of a picnic shelter; and everyone loves to stroll through Storybook Land.

family reunion
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