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Post Event / Convention / Meeting Evaluation

  1. Hotel Alliance

  2. An evaluation is required for every cooperative advertising contract. This form is to be submitted to the Aberdeen Hotel Alliance and the Aberdeen Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and UPON COMPLETION OF THE EVENT for review (no more than 15 days).


  3. Will this be a reoccurring or yearly event / convention / meeting in Aberdeen?:*

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  5. Were you well informed by the Aberdeen Area CVB of the facilities and services available for your group?:*

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  7. Aberdeen Area CVB Services:*

  8. Please list tours and Aberdeen attractions.

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  16. Did your group have the opportunity to shop in Aberdeen during your stay?:*

  17. If yes, did you fell the selection of retail stores met you needs?:*

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  20. Convention & visitors bureau staff and services:*

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