Spotlight Award

As advocates for continued community development with an emphasis on events and tourism, the Aberdeen Hotel Alliance is proud to present the tenth annual Spotlight Award.  The Spotlight Award is presented annually to a deserving individual or group who, through their advocacy, has substantially contributed to our community by shining a positive light on the community or area on a statewide, regional, or national basis. 

The tenth annual Spotlight Award goes to a group that sees the benefit of constant improvement, and how that can impact the community.  This group provides a fun, family atmosphere for its members, and works to bring more people and events to Aberdeen. 

Aberdeen Hub Area BMX has been up and running since 1986, making it the 27th longest running program out of 365 in the United States.  They have been the #1 track in South Dakota 26 times, including the last 11 years in a row, and membership remains high with over 170 members. 

The Aberdeen Hub Area BMX Club recently conducted a campaign to purchase the old Boys & Girls Club building, with the intent to demolish it to make room for an expanded track and new welcome center.  Construction on the welcome center began in July of 2017, and the building will contain the entrance gate to the track, concession and registration areas and a bike shop. 

With the expansion of the track and the addition of the new welcome center, the club will have a large enough footprint to host regional and possibly national events.  These events draw riders from all across the United States and Canada.  Regional events bring in 2500 riders and parents and national events have the potential to bring in 4000 riders and parents.  Currently the largest event they have hosted is the State Finals, (25 times) which averages 800 riders and parents. 

The Aberdeen Hotel Alliance would like to take this time to thank the Aberdeen Hub Area BMX Club for supporting Aberdeen and our region.  Each day-tripper and overnight visitor helps to replenish the triple “B” basket. Your constant community support and involvement are greatly appreciated.  Please join us in thanking Kyle Oswald from the Aberdeen Hub Area BMX Club.

Kyle Oswald port


Accepting the award on behalf of Aberdeen Hub Area BMX is Kyle Oswald

 Past winners of this award include: Coach Don Meyer, NSU Basketball (2009), Brown County Fair (2010), Dakota Broadcasting (2011) Coach Pat Timm, NSU Wrestling (2012), Coach Steve Kehm, NSU Soccer (2013), Emmett Lenihan, Aberdeen Pheasant Coalition (2014), and NESD Celtic Faire and Games & SD Special Olympics (2015), and the Aberdeen Aqua Addicts (2016).